Design Marketing Materials

In this Box Shot King Tutorial, you will learn how to design your own marketing materials. 

1. Click "START NOW".

2. Select the template you would like to use under the "Design your Marketing Creatives" section. In this tutorial, I am going to be creating a business card.

3.  Name your project by selecting the paper icon on the upper right side of the screen and typing in the "Project Title" field. You can also tag your mockup to keep all of your designs organized within BoxShotKing.

4. Select "BACKGROUND" from the left-hand column. From here you can either upload background to use, or you can choose from our large selection. 

5. The image will load into your workspace. Move the handles on the side to adjust the image area that you will use as your background. Any dark area of the image will not be in your final product. 

6. Add text, icons, and stock images using the buttons in the left-hand column. Our library has endless options for you, and the toolbar along the top of your screen will allow you to customize each element as much as you desire. This is the fun part where you can easily create on your screen the design that you are picturing in your mind!

7. When you are happy with your design, click "FINALIZE".

8. Select the file type you want then click "Download". 

9. Enjoy your easy and professional marketing material!

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