Add and Edit Text

In this Boxshot King tutorial, you will learn how to add and edit text in your designs.

1. In the left-hand column of your workspace click "ADD TEXT".


3. Click once on the text to edit the words. The toolbar along the top of your workspace allows you to completely customize the look of your text. 

The tool functions from left to right: change the font, adjust the size, change the color, adjust the line spacing, adjust the letter spacing, add shadowing, and select alignment. 

"Copy" allows you to duplicate the text that you have selected, this is useful if you want to write something else but keep it in the exact same style. 

"Grayscale", "Hue", "Blur", "Contrast", "Sepia", "Brightness", "Opacity', and "Blend Mode" all alter the appearance of your text. 

"Arrange" lets you either bring the text forward or send it behind other design elements. 

4. You can also add 3D effects by clicking on the text and then clicking the 3D button above it. 

This is just a small sample of the different 3D effects that you can add!

To move your text, simply click and drag. To rotate your text click on it, then click and drag on the rotation icon below.

To delete your text you can click the red "X" in the upper right corner of the text box

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